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The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition
The CSS3 Anthology: Take Your Sites to New Heights is a compilation of answers, how-to’s, and examples for all your CSS questions. Complete with ready-to-use downloadable code examples, the fourth edition of this bestselling book has been completely revised and updated to cover the latest techniques and technologies, including CSS3 and HTML5.
HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World
Why should you learn HTML5 & CSS3?

It works on just about every platform, is compatible with older browsers, and handles errors gracefully. You can create powerful, easy-to-maintain, future-proof web pages.

Many common tasks are now simplified, putting more power in your hands.

Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to be more expressive in the semantics of your markup. No more tricky hacks or workarounds. Oh, and its easy to use and seriously fun!

So, perhaps the question is, why would you not learn HTML5 & CSS3?