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Software Details

What is Animation:Master?

Hash Animation:Master (A:M) is a fully featured, intuitive, fun to learn and use 3D an*i*ma*tion software package. It has been created to make 3D an*i*ma*tion affordable and easy e*nough for everyone – no matter if you are an an*i*ma*tion expert at home or new to an*i*ma*tion in general.

Its permanent pricetag is as good as unbeatable and and its professional easy-to-use tools are often industry-leading.

Since 1987, Hash Inc. sells 3d-an*i*ma*tion-software, which runs smoothly on your average home computer. The combined ex*pe*ri*ence of many years of an*i*ma*tion and software developement have contributed to creating a software package with unparalleled ease of use and a simplistic learning curve.

What can I do with it?

A:M is a complete, full-featured 3D an*i*ma*tion software package. You can create literally anything – illustration stills of objects, animation shorts, product designs, ar*chi*tec*tual vi*su*al*izations, special effects and even feature-length films.

No matter if you want to create an an*i*ma*tion movie, a music video for your band or just tell a short story:
A:M can do it!

And all that for a fraction of money most other 3D programs will cost you.

The Modeling Window

This is the area in which you'll be creating your ge*om*e*try, rigging your model, and applying textures. You can see all the groups, decals, materials and more in the Project Workspace (PWS) on the left.


The Action Window

Here, you'll create reusable animation called actions
– which are often of a repeating nature, like walk cycles. Actions are mini*an*i*ma*tions which can be combined to create the final animation.


The Choreography Window

This area is used to do the camera work, light the scene, create dynamic simualtions and animate non-repeatable an*i*ma*tions using all the different assets created before.


What are the minimum system requirements?

A faster machine will, of course, always be better and increase not only the working speed but, more importantly, the rendering speed.

Operating System:
Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X

Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz / AMD AthlonXP 2000+


Graphics Card:
Any mid-range gaming card will do.

About 75 MB for program files, 8 GB for optional library files, and additional space for project files. 

Is A:M 32-bit or 64-bit?

Both versions are available. 32-bit version can only handle about 2-3 GB of RAM and is slower for some operations.

64-bit version can use up to 192 GB of RAM if installed in your computer.